Educational Leadership Certification

educational leadership certificationThe field of educational leadership is growing, and there are many exciting opportunities for individuals who want to pursue the profession. But before you can become an educational leader, you’ll need to meet certain requirements that vary from state to state. This article will teach you what those requirements are and how they affect your career prospects as an educator.

A Master’s Degree

A master’s degree in educational leadership certification is a graduate program that prepares you to be an administrator or leader in education. The coursework includes classes such as educational administration, curriculum development and evaluation, counseling students with special needs, and much more.

Field Experience

Field experience is a requirement for education leadership certification programs. It usually takes place at the end of your first semester in which you are learning about educational leadership and how it works in schools. Your professor will assign you an internship supervisor who can help guide you through the process of getting your field experience completed so that when graduation comes around, all requirements have been met!

The Certification Test

The certification test is a computer-based test that consists of 180 multiple-choice questions. The test is divided into two parts: Part I and Part II.

Part I contains 120 multiple-choice questions, while Part II contains 60 multiple-choice questions. The passing score for each section is 70 percent (135 out of 180) or higher on the first attempt, which means you need to answer at least 97 out of 120 questions correctly in order to pass this portion of your exam! If you fail one or both parts during your first try at taking this exam, then there are options available for retaking them later on down the road; however, if it takes more than two attempts before success comes knocking–then maybe consider looking elsewhere for another career path altogether because chances are high that something else would suit your skillset better than teaching does!

The State Exam

The state exam is the last step in the educational leadership certification process. It’s also the most important step, as it determines whether or not you will be allowed to teach in any public school district in your state. The exam includes a variety of different sections, including math, reading comprehension, science, and social studies questions.

The State Exam is not easy to pass! Most people fail their first attempt at taking it because they aren’t prepared for how difficult it can be. If you want your chance at passing this test on your first try then I recommend checking out some practice tests.

Is Not Easy To Get

Educational leadership certification is not easy to get. There are many requirements that must be passed before you can receive your certification, including completing the state exam and completing field experience as well as a master’s degree in educational leadership certification.

If you are interested in becoming an educational leader, then this article will help explain what must be done so that you can receive your certification and start working on making changes in your school district or other organization where there are children who need guidance from those who have received their credentials from an accredited university program like ours here at [Univ].


We hope you have a better understanding of the educational leadership certification and what it takes to get one. We know that it can be overwhelming, but we are here to help! Our experts are always available to answer any questions or concerns that arise throughout this process, so don’t hesitate to contact us with anything at all.